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260 (SAM) Signal Squadron


Mercury affectionately known as "Jimmy"


Messenger of the gods

The Royal Corps of Signals Cap Badge is heraldically described as;

"The figure of Mercury holding a Caduceus in the left hand, the right hand aloft poised with the

left foot on a globe all silver above the globe a scroll inscribed 'Certa Cito' and below on each side

six laurel leaves all gold, the whole ensigned with the Crown in gold." But to every member of the Corps

 it is affectionately know as "JIMMY".


The Regimenatl Colours of The Royal Corps of Signals represent the Corps ability

to communicate over Land Sea & Air.

Light Blue the Sky Dark Blue the Sea Green the Earth

The Corps motto "Certa Cito", meaning "Swift and Sure"


260 Signal Squadron (SAM) was formed on the 1st April 1968 from

654 & 655 Signal Troops (SAM) to provide Communication for the new

36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery.

The unit was stationed in Horseshoe Barracks, Shoeburyness, Essex.


In June 1970 there was a small trip to Germany for six weeks to practice our exercise skills and the odd

trip to Wales to up date the firing skills. Under, what we all thought was, some Political rangling the whole

unit up stakes in July 71 and moved to Napier Barracks, Dortmund Germany to add military might to the

opposing cold war forces mainly Orange Land! Military and Exercise skills continued till early 73 when

most of us were trained in the infantry roll for our 6 months tour of N. Ireland in that year.

260 Signal Squadron(SAM) was Finally Disbanded in October 1977.


260 Signal Squadron (SAM) was attached to 36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment

and was responsible for providing the data, the Control and Reporting (C and R)

and the rear links for the Regiment.


260 Signal Squadron in 1968


Portadown 1976


Radio Relay

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