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KAPE Tours & Recruiting

Keeping the Army in the Public Eye (KAPE)

KAPE Tours and Recruiting were very important to the British Army from the 1960's onwards. Most Regiments

recruited in local traditional areas, usually close to where they were stationed.

In 36 Regiments case, this was in Essex and especially the Southend on Sea area.

Many service men also got married in the area where they were based, and returned there after their service ended.

36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment had a small Recruiting Team based at Shoeburyness, and they remained there

after the Regiment re deployed to Dortmund in July 1971with Roy Pearson in charge.

Between 1971 and the Disbandment of the Regiment in 1977 several KAPE Tours took place back to the Southend area.

It was also good to be on good relations with the local Council and Press. Publicity was good for the Regiment and the local community. The locals wanted to know what was going on behind the Barrack walls, so from time to time Open Days were arranged.

Recruiting Display outside old Municipal College.jpg

Recruiting Display, Victoria Circus, Southend

Southend Carnival.jpg

Thanks to Derek Stacey for this photo of 36 Regiments Float in the Southend Carnival Parade.


Southend KAPE Tour 1974


Local Press Releases

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