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'Hello All Stations'


"Incoming Fire has the Right of Way"

Dedicated to all who served in

36th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment

36th Guided Weapon Regiment (Anti-Aircraft)

36th Heavy Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery


The Essex Gunners

Welcome to the 36 Regiment web site.

Please look around, enjoy your visit, and call back again soon.


Please explore the massive amount of information on the 36 Regiment Web Site.

Look into the history of our Regiment and the Batteries that were once part of it.


Find information about the equipment that the Regiment used.

If you wish your name added to our Database, then please fill in the

Form on our Members Page.

The aim of this Web site is to bring together all old comrades of all arms who

served together in 36 Regiment Royal Artillery.


The Regiment was put into Suspended Animation in 1977, and we feel that it

is very important for old comrades to be able to attend Annual Reunions and

 make contact with their old comrades.


36 Regiment was a real family Regiment, the Regiment may no longer

be with us, but the family remain.


We are intent on keeping the spirit of the Regiment alive.



Get on - Parade!

Eyes Front


Welcome to our Web site. You have found the site that is dedicated to all who

served in, or were associated with the Biggest and we think the Best Regiment

that was in service in the Royal Regiment of Artillery.


36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment was put into Suspended Animation on

the 31st December 1977, and since then, the spirit of the Regiment has

been carried on by Annual Reunions.


These Reunions had been held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich,

and were organised by Brian and Jan Greenland, and after the sad passing

of Brian, by Jan herself. Since 2002 the Reunions have been organised

by Reunion Secretary Paul Barber with help from Keith (Monty) Houldey

and in the early days by myself.


 We look forward to receiving your photos and stories. Please navigate

around the site and find out about future Reunion's, the History of the

Regiment and its Batteries, the Thunderbird Missile System, and lots more.


Please sign our Guestbook we are interested to hear what you think.

We hope you find our Web site interesting and informative.

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Please don't forget to Sign our Guestbook

before you leave our Website

For all ex members of the Regiment, of all arms, please take time to contact us with

your details. We will then enter your details onto our database.


If you have any Photo's or Item's of interest for inclusion on the site,

please send them to me by email.


Please don't forget to check out the Notice Board  for all the latest news.


 I hope you find the Website of some interest and informative.


Thank you for visiting the 36 Regiment Web site, and please call again,


I have noticed that nearly all of the Royal Artillery Old Comrades Association and Regimental Websites have now disappeared from the Internet, so we have out lasted many of them due to your continued support over many years. Thank you All.

Enjoy your Visit

Keith Holdernes ​​

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Don't forget to Visit our 36 Regiment Page on Facebook.

If you are a past member of the Regiment, or were associated

with it in some way, then apply to join our group.

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