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Shoeburyness Garrison Tour 1

Shoeburyness Garrison Tour 2

Ready to Go

Thunderbird 1

Army of the Sixties

Bloodhound Guided Missile


Shoeburyness Garrison Tour 3

Artillery Fire Power

RA Motor Cycle Display Team

The Rocket Race

Farnborough Air Display

RA Band says Farewell to Woolwich

36 Regiment Disbandment Parade

36 Reunion 2005

Royal Artillery says Farewell to Shoebury Garrison

36 Reunion 2006

Ceasefire at Woolwich, 26th May 2007

36 Film NI.JPG

Archie Moore Video

Radar AD No 11 & 10

36 Reunion 2023
Thanks to Nigel(Willy)Palmer for the Video

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