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Part 2 Orders




Is to get as many ex members of the Regiment as you

can to send their details in to myself or Monty.

They will then be added to our Members List.


I have noticed that some members have changed their

e-mail  address's, and we cannot now contact you.

Please send me your new contact info.

Sadly we are no longer able to display members names and

email address's on our website due to Data Protection issues.


Thank You

Old Radar men never die - Their Echoes just fade away

Tallest on the left - Shortest on the right

By the right number!


If you wish to be added to our Database please 

 leave your details of when you served in 36 Regiment or Associated Units.

You will then be contacted if you wish to attend one of our Reunions.

Get in Touch

Thanks for submitting!

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